Thursday, June 8, 2006

RAGE against everyone

RAGE against everyone

Ever feel like there are just so many people around whos faces you would love to put your fist through but you can't?? Ever feel so much anger and frustratiuon building up that the only thing that offers any relief is the thought of going absolutely crazy and smashing every fucking thing you can get you hand on. Thats how I feel right now. I just had a meeting with the head honcho at my job today and all I wanted to do to the fat condecending prick the whole time he was giving me his company retoric is tell him what a pathetic slimebag he is, and that he can take this company and shove it up his ass, because even after the small amount of time I have worked here I couldSTILL do this job better than 90 f the brown nosers that work here. AHHHHHHHHH!! I hate it when people speak to me as if I need things explained out down to the smallest detail! as if I'm a child, or even worse a total idiot. All I have to say to any of the people who have ever done that to me is FUCK YOU! Next on my list of assholes I'd like to beat into a bloody pulp is my schizophrenic exboyfriend. Go ahead and move on you fucker. Go ahead and move on to the next girl who you will fall madly into love-obsession with. Go ahead and chat her up on myspace cause you know I am reading your comments and you think if you make me jealous i'll come running back to you..FUCK YOU! the only good thing you ever gave me is a sperm. She can have you, I give her two months..4 tops before she realizes how crazy you are and runs for the hills. KEEP BEING SELF RIGHTEOUS! Cause righteous men DEFIENTLY beat their women and acuse them of being drug addicted whores.. Real righteous, leting yourself gradually go crazy and not doing anything to help yourself...if not for yourself for your unborn child. BUT YOU DOn"T CARE ABOUT ANYONE but yourself, and you don't even care about FEED YOUR EGO cause ITS ALL YOU HAVE LEFT! CONTINUE with your SELFISH PATHETIC LIFE UNTIL YOU DROWN in your own misery you selfish motherfucker, cause I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I WILL NEVER WASTE MY ENERGY TRYING TO SAVE someone like you EVER AGAIN. Save yourself, or quit your fucking whining. You sit around waiting for the hand of god to come and pick you up out of your pool of shit and set you on higher ground. HES BEEN TRYING! you'd rather stay wallowing in your shit! YOU DO IT TO YOURSELF! And when you are ALONE and miserable at the end of your life you WILL KNOW who is to blame.......I am SO FED UP with being one of the only people in this whole god forsaken world that actually has a FUCKING clue, and seeing everyone around me wasting their lives. It breaks my heart...EVERY FUCKING DAY it breaks my heart, and every fucking day my whole life I get up and I put on my clothes and I brush my teeth, and i open my heart to those around me, only to GET SHIT ON AGAIN AND AGAIN! So to You: "you know you're name": FUCK YOU AND YOUR SELF RIGHTEOUS INSANITY! To my manager: FUCK YOU, cause as soon as I find the next shit job that'll put gas in my car and food in my mouth I WILL tell you where you can take your little corporate bullshit job tool and shove it. And last but not least. To all the people who are so concerned about me when I'm moving cross country, or in an abusive relationship. You are ure showing your true colors now. Its real easy to say You love me when its guilting me into staying stuck in connecticut my whole life. WHERE are you now that I have no car, no bedroom, and am pregnant and alone. Where are you now?? To busy with the man of the week? Or video games?? Its a good thing I quit smoking cause I think I could chain smoke a pack right now and I'd still wanna break things. Maybe its the hormones talkin but I think its more that I am just sick of all the BULLSHIT around me. I'm tired of trying to pick people up, and help other people all the time. I am sick of opening my heart to people. letting people into my life when all they do then is manipulate and use me for their own selfish games. Or drag me down into their twisted dark worlds. Fuck you all, I am so done.

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