Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh death.., your irregularly scheduled program.

Your irregularly scheduled program

Sometimes I am so weak and life is so profound...
Softening... Softening... Soon we destined for that cold ground.

So cold... So, so cold. Her skin was icy to the touch.
I am so afraid, the terror swallows me up.

And we can joke and we can laugh our tears
And try to grasp and catch the passing years

And you will leave me. You will leave, or I'll leave you.
And shells and shelves are left when soul is through.

And what does it mean, and truly: What. Does. It. Mean? 
The snow was cold and blue, this sunrise. Peaceful Icy sheen.

And if I never see your face again? And how time will pass...
Will I remember the sound of your voice, your laugh?

I want to cry, you are gone away...
I want to laugh, cause you are free today.

I hardly knew you, hardly know you all..
I barely know within and constantly I fall...

I don't know patience,and I laugh at sin.
Living life in realization of the mess we all live in.

I can feel this human body dying all around me
But where there is pain there is also so much beauty.

And what is God, cause I sure don't know below or above,
 But we exist to love. TO LOVE, and oh lord, To love.

-Kalee Prue 
December 16, 2013


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crying myself awake...

Paralyzed by possibilities...
Petrified by probabilities
Chaos swirls around me
And I sit
On my thriftstore velvet throne
Just keep breathing
It swirls around me like a storm
Terrifying and wondrous
I struggle to find my center
The eye of the storm
The calm place where the swirling
Leaves off
And I am left with only me
For an answer
For what comes next
For the rug to find it's way under my feet once more
For any sense of certainty
In what has suddenly become a tipsy turvy world
Woke myself up today
With a wish and a prayer
Tears for myself
For the other half,
other whole
I do not know
These are the moments
When this burden is so very heavy
The choices too numerous
And all I want
Is a voice that cares
That carries me
Just for a moment
So that just once
I don't have to take all the weight on
Make these choices myself
So hard to shift gears...
And shift this load while it is still so heavy on my shoulders
Just keep breathing
Just keep breathing
Keep finding that center...
Where is my balance..
Trying to find the eye
But all I feel is this rock wedged in my throat.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tucked in...

Doesn't matter if we just met
Have we known each other since diapers
Doesn't matter if I know all of you yet
Or have walked with you in the fires

I know what I know and I know that spark
cause I've seen it here in the mirror
And I know what I know and I've seen the dark
and you couldn't shine light any clearer

Doesn't matter if I know you yet
Or still see your face in a decade
And it doesn't matter if our paths weave tight
or only cross cause your twinkle won't ever fade

Doesn't matter if we just met or if I can find right words to rhyme

Words fall short but you, my dear friend, are tucked into my heart for a lifetime.

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Location:The mountains of Berkshire