Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biopsy Results and such

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Hello Hello,
I went to my Kidney Doc yesterday afternoon to get the results of my biopsy.... GOOD NEWS :) There is no apparent permanent damage to the filters of my kidneys... which was a concern since kidney filters are necessary and are unable to repair themselves once damaged... SO THAT IS AWESOME! In fact, as far as they can see there should be noo permanent damage at all! The tiny little capillaries (blood vessels) were damaged by the HUS/TTP and that is likely why I am still spilling so much protein, but my doc says he fully expects them to heal over time... The other good news, HE IS TAKING ME OFF THE PREDNISONE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly had to jump up and do a jig when he said that.... Granted I will be on it for another 5 or 6 weeks as it gets tapered off but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel, plus I should start seeing less side effects since the dosage will be HALF what I was on within a week (he cut it by quarter at present so 30mg instead of 40mg) Next week I will go to 20mg.... I can't wait for the effects of this shit to stop!! WOOHOO! No more fat face and a half, no more wierd hair growth, no more violent mood swings and hard to control temper... plus I can stop worrying about bone loss and all the less obvious effects this junk has.... ANYWHO.... My problems are far from over... protein leakage is still quite high, but he doesn't think the prednisone is going to do anymore than it has already done.. at this point he said its just a waiting game... he expects that at some point my body will "flip a switch" and my kidneys will take back over and do what they should be doing with all that protein. He did add on one medication but it is a pretty minor one... no bad side effects and stuff, he thinks it might help with the protien a little bit so well see...................but mostly we are counting on my body to fix itself.....SO that sounds good to me... Ive gotta go back to my naturapath soon... between that and the acupuncture and chiropractic I have high hopes that they will be able to help my body heal itself and I will have no lasting damage to any vital organs! HOORAY :)

Thats pretty much all I have to report for now... Things are okay on the homefront... I feel like I took a little step back the past couple weeks, between the biopsy and having to take it easy for a weekish, not being able to go to the pool, and my diet not being the best cause I haven't felt up to cooking healthy food.... BUT I'm getting back on the wagon now and trying to make up for the energy I lost... One of my bestest friends who lives practically in another country is in town so I'm pretty dang happy about that, and another of my bestest friends is coming for a visit this weekend and we are having a bonfire and stuff with the kiddies and her family (who are all really cool too) so I am really looking forward to this weekend, should be a great time, and I haven't been to a good old fashion bonfire in over a year (I LOVE CAMPFIRES!) YAY! ummmm....letsee... whatelse... My dad bought Lennon this ride-on Lightening McQueen Car thing that makes all sorts of noises and flashing lights and stuff and he LOVES it and so that has become the constant soundtrrack to my life the past couple days.... *sigh* at least its keeping him out of trouble I guess but goodloood I will be happy when the batterys die on that thing..... Just a word to anyone intending on getting Lennon something for his 2nd birthday coming in November... PLEASE PLEASE, NO MORE PLASTIC NOISEMAKING TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! But seriously... good old fashion wooden style toys.... metal toys (play pots and pans and such)... books.... clothes... etc..... I am planning his party as we speak so watch your mailboxes for invites, especially those of you with lil ones.... hmm yeah... thats all for now I guess, Thanks to everyone who's been anxiously awaiting my biopsy results with me and thanks for all the well wishes... I have so many awesome people in my life sometimes I can't believe my luck... You all rock argyle socks :)
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