Monday, June 26, 2006

fuck it. girls are awesome...

Current mood: happy

Yay for short workdays =)

So I had made my myspace profile private so a certain obsessive and scary crazy exboyfriend would leave me alone.. and I was gonna leave it like that but: I have met so many cool people on here, I'm enjoying making new friends and getting random messages from well wishers... yeah, so I don't want him keeping tabs on my life... and in addition all the creepy "pregnant women are so sexy" guys that keep contacting me suck ass... but: I don't think I want to lose out on meeting all the cool people I've met on here and have yet to meet... Fuck exboyfriends.. I don't care if he visits my profile 10 or even 50 times a day ( and I know you do by the way.. I have a profile tracker). I'm just going to be the bigger person and ignore his ridiculous comments and messages... and if I decide to make my profile private someday it will be for a better reason than anything to do with HIM. By the way: Thanks Amy (beatiful comments... you made me cry...), and Sarah, and Lindsay, and Karen and Madelyn, and Stephanie, and Angela, and Jenn and all the other awesome girls out there that are helping so much with your kind words and your encouragement.. You guys are awesome.. and I feel so much stronger, and more empowered just by knowing you all.... I am so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life... Anyways, I'm off to finish my day! Hope everyone elses is great too! I'm so excited for tommorrow.. I get to see baby Lennon on ultrasound again.. he has grown so much the past few weeks.. I feel him moving almost all the time now!! Can't wait to see his beautiful face..and hands...and feet..and belly..... and............ :) Take care and be good my friends!

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