Monday, June 19, 2006

Gotta love the "Myspace face"

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Random thoughts...

Why is it so damn easy to sit and eat a pound of organic strawberries??? They taste so good I almost think I should feel if I just ate a quart of ice cream or something... FRUIT ROCKS! and the organic kind.. EVEN MORE SO! ummm.. more randomness... I am the boss now at my job... and the past two weeks this older guy (total politician type) has been giving me shit.. I wrote him up already...and now he pretends to be nice...but the guy still dislikes me..or at least having a MUCH younger female calling the shots... Ah well tough shit for him.. I don't follow him home and tell him when and how to wipe his ass so i guess he's gonna have to deal with it... Its just strange being boss for a change... don't get me wrong..I'm still at the bottom of the food chain, but at least I'm a notch or two higher off the ground now... Anyways.. It's got me thinking alot lately about how much of a pain in the ass I must have been at some (if not of my other jobs... I dislike authority... A LOT! and that is an understatement... and I know I defeintly gave my supervisors a lot of headaches...I just don't like being told what to do, especially by some big mouthed bitch, or some jack ass who brown nosed his way to the top.... Anyways... in light of me now getting to be that big mouthed bitch.. I've begun rethinking my previous attitudes towards authority... And I've come to only one conclusion... I don't like being bossed around... and I don't like being the boss... I don';t like being told what to do...But I don't like telling people what to do... It doesn't sit right with me that one person has to sit there and tell another person what to do.... It sucks being on either end.. wether you are the idiot sitting there listening to the company propaganda being fed to you.. or the idiot sitting there feeding the propoganda.... its all shit either way... every human being should be able to decide what, when, where, and how.. to live their own life. Back to my blog last sucks... To make these random musings even more random... I ran into one of my former supervisors a couple days ago.. and I saw another one in the grocery store today across an isle.. both times the thought popped into my head that I should go apologize for all the shit I gave'm when we worked together... But i didn't... oh well, but maybe that was god givin me a chance to clear up some bad karma..

More randomness I wanna rant about for a minute... WHy is it that nearly every shallow, cheesed out, plastic, cookie cutter personality, sleazeball, clueless, freaky ass girl on myspace is friends with my ex now??? I almost think I should be offended that his taste is so bad... but then maybe his taste just got bad now Post-Kalee... or maybe he just goes through random girls profiles without reading them clicking "add to friends" just cause they have a "hot" picture with their titties hangin out and their washed out "myspace faces" (its amazing what the myspace face can do for acne! lol!)... and somehow he thinks that makes life all better... I dunno.. It just baffles me that for someone who was so worried that their girlfriend would cheat on them, when I am sooo the least likely person ever to do that... he now surrounds himself with exactly the type of flake who would do that (at least in the world of computers)... guess its all about the self fullfilling prophecys... Anyways.. I just had to share that thought...

Another randomness.. I decided today that men are not worth the hassle.. This last one is taking far too much of my energy even still... though i suppose at this point I'm doing it to myself prolonging the torture by continuing to give a shit what he does with himself when I should ( and will one of these days) just say the hell with him... So anyways, due to this amazing realization I had that most men are just not worth the effort of falling in love... I decided I am no longer dating, having boyfriends, or falling in love. I'm just gonna revert back to elementary school... I'm gonna have many crushes.. those guys I would never seriously consider anything with for whatever particular reson..but that are cute, or sweet, or just plain fun to flirt with... Harmless eye candy.. thats all... I've got a few I think I'm just gonna keep crushing and forget about all this grown up relationship crap.. In the world of men and women, sex, love, marriage, divorce..... today I am making this announcement: I am 9 years old again. ;) Until that day when/or if I meet a man who can prove me wrong and actually be worth my time, my effort, and most importantly: My Heart.

More randomness: working a 12 hour day followed by a 15 hour day, while pregnant SUCKS! I think the swelling in my legs and feet just finally started to go down after a day off, and a 6 hour day since then.... I have a feeling that for the rest of the summer I'm not really gonna have ankles... Just legs that merge into feet ;) Ah well...thats how it goes....

And one last thing: Life is strange.

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