Wednesday, May 23, 2007

how do you spell A-S-S-H-O-L-E?

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Bush and Dick were in Connecticut today! (or maybe it was just bush)... i so wish i had known ahead of time... My little brother andrews got some tubs of night crawlers in the fridge.. I SO WOULD HAVE loved to have dropped by and tossed some of those big ole worms at 'em..... ;) not that it woulda made a whole heck of a lot of difference to anything but seems like as good a reason as any to get arrested :) LOL! My mom said she woulda gone too (armed to the teeth with TOMATOS!) lol :) ah well.. there's always next time! on that note i'm gonna stop procrastinating and get some work done, tah tah!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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So today my brought my Lennon to the beach for the first time. He was in AWE of the atlantic... loved the sand, and i think he might be part doggy cause he was diggin like crazy!! He even seemed to enjoy his first taste of sand (which he managed to sneak in when i turned my head for a mere SECOND n a half)!! now.. some would say that I am a pretty natural minded person, and momma... my sister in law likes to tease me that everything has to be "100 % organic all natural yaks wool based" in order for me to use it... breastfeeding.. all natural bath products... cosleeping.. no vaccines.. etc... you name... i do it. BUT i do not do any of this stuff because i am trying to be a nonconformist conformist.. or because i am hellbent on only going the natural route.. i simply like to be informed.. i like to know all angles before i make parenting choices.. and 99 % of the time my information leads me to make the natural choice.... today i went against my better judgement when i brought Lennon to the beach, and SURE ENOUGH....
Now I am not a fan of all the chemicals that are laced through our body products... i will not use anything with sodium laurel sulfides.. aluminum... harsh alcohols.. etc... from toothpaste, to lotions.... i READ LABELS, and I KNOW WHAT I am looking for and what I refuse to use.... Since the day he left the hospital my son has not had a non natural product used on his skin... head to toe, wipes, shampoo, powder etc.... and NOW I remember why... Today I went against my better judgement and used sunscreen on my son and myself... I HATE sunscreen.. years of using bath and bodyworks, pantene, colgate, etc, has made my skin HIGHLY sensitive to many many environmental factors, and i am trying to prevent this from becoming the case with my son... today i used sunscreen... my gut told me NOT TO.. to use hats, clothing, umbrellas.. and take my chances with the sun rather than lather us up in every chemical in the free world... even the "natural" variety that i bought has all sorts of nonnatural sounding things in it (which comes from the complete and total lack of standards for what health and beauty products can be labeled as natural or organic)... but I caved into conventional thinking... I took that creamy white paste containing god knows what and smeared it all over my baby's milky white skin, top to bottom.. and then on my own arms and legs and nose....Istarted thinking maybe i was being too paranoid... or maybe i needed to lighten up with the all natural nutty crunchy thing.... but sure enough: within an hour of slathering sunscreen on Lennon and myself, he was covered, belly, knees and arms, elbows and legs with horrible red hives! poor baby looked like he wanted to jump out of his skin. I have spent the entire afternoon and evening up until a few hours ago, washing and rewashing him, myself, our blankets, sheets, clothes, etc to get every trace of that nasty nasty stuff off of us, and putting cool clothes on him to ease his discomfort. The poor boy is still covered with hives, as is the back of my arms and legs... I thank god that the allergic reaction wasn't worse and for the valuable lesson of the day: ALWAYS trust your gut. and, that most man made chemicals are as bad as i had previously thought (maybe worse)! on that note i am gonna go cuddle up with my 100% bamboo onesied Lennon in our nice clean organic (100% pure yakswool) sheeted bed and catch some Z's. BE well all!
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Natural Baby and Childcare: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for Raising Healthy Children
By Lauren Feder
Release date: 17 March, 2006

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It may as well be able to walk your fucking dog!

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SO... I got part of my tax return back and finally got myself my laptop i've been wanting since forever. My buusiness will be back up and fully functional VERY SOON now and i am psyched about that! Has anyone else bought a new computer lately??? So far i find Windows Vista slightly annoying (have you seen the mac commercial with the secretservice agent looking guy that keeps telling "PC" what is happening and asking permission to allow?? ITS TRUE! and if you haven't seen it, basically Vista has little warnings that pop up for EVERYTHING asking if you want to give permission for programs to open, etc... a bit of a nuisance...) ANYWAY. One thing i need to babble joyously about... anyone else used this new program ONE NOTE that comes with Microsoft office?? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS PROGRAM! It is basically a virtual catch all.. sorta like a scratch pad where you can freehand, create diagrams, type, paste photos, screen shots, highlight, tag words for later indexing, add audio or video.. etc... You can drag and drop things anywhere you want and it automatically saves. You can email right from the program and it automatically converts the page into html so that the other person doesn't even need to have the program. You can upload to your blog by simply clicking "blog this" on the dropdown menu. you can highlight test and tell it to send to outlook and it will automatically place it on your calender or task list in outlook and it will remain connected so that if you edit it later both onenote and outlook will always have the same information.You can create unlimited notebooks with unlimited pages in unlimited files, easily reorganize your "pages" in your "notebooks" and you can go back and search for a word or phrase and it will find it in TEXT, handwritin and (GET THIS SHIT!) It'll even recognize the word in a PHOTO!! Sorry i sound like an infomercial or something but thiis program has got me SO freaking excited. It is going to make my life so much easier! It comes with a mobile version too and so i'm finally pulling out the Pocket PC i paid 300.00 for 4 years ago that i never used. I can't wait to get this shit organized and figure it all out so that i can use it for my business, i'll actually be able to have a separate page for every customer where i can paste pictures of examples, swatches, jot notes, copy and paste payment receipts and emails from the customer and have everything all in one place and then i can link each one to outlook so i'll automatically be able to tell what is coming up to the deadline i'm supposed to have stuff sent out by.. and ... and ... and :) I'm going nuts with happiness here if ya'll couldn't tell! Seriously, if you don't have this program, make sure you check it out... If you can't buy it... i'm not gonna say that you should rip a copy of someone elses but..... ;) lol ANYWHO... I'm gonna go tool around more with this program and i wanna head off to bed soon. BE GOOD EVERYONE! :)
Kalee ( yes i know i am WAY too excited about this damn program... but its the most futuristic program i've ever seen.. its like straight from startrek or somethin!)

P.S. Captains log stardate 2 0 0 6: today i..... lol ;)

The Terribly, Tragically Sad Man

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I read this story in a readers digest when i was 12 years old... and then reread it again a few months ago when i stumbled on the magazine which i saved in a box of junk..... TO ANYBODY THAT THINKS THAT I SHOULD BE UNHAPPY JUST BECAUSE THE DREAMS OF MY CHILDHOOD AND TEEN YEARS (childish dreams that they where) ARE GONE.... PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THEY HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY A NEW DREAM... One with much more meaning and the only LIFE meant for me (and my beautiful son who is NOT A MISTAKE A BURDEN OR A REGRET, BUT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME AND who has given me my reason for being!).... Please read this story all... i am pretty sure that everyone on this earth could stand to learn something from it.. :)

The Terribly, Tragic Sad Man

-Loren Seibold-

Once there was a boy who lived in a big house on a hill. He loved dogs and horses, sports cars and music. He climbed trees and went swimming, played football and admired pretty girls. Except for having to pick up after himself, he had a nice life.

One day the boy said to God, "I've been thinking, and I know what I want when I become a man." ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

"What?" asked God.

"I want to live in a big house with a porch across the front and two Saint Bernards and a garden out back. I want to marry a woman who is tall and very beautiful and kind, who has long, black hair and blue eyes, and who plays the guitar and sings in a clear, high voice.

"I want three strong sons to play football with. When they grow up, one will be a great scientist, one will be a senator and the youngest will quarterback for the 49ers.

"I want to be an adventurer who sails vast oceans and climbs tall mountains and rescues people. And I want to drive a red Ferrari and never have to pick up after myself."

"That sounds like a nice dream," said God. "I want you to be happy."

One day, playing football, the boy hurt his knee. After that he couldn't climb tall mountains or even tall trees, much less sail vast oceans. So he studied marketing and started a medical-supplies business.

He married a girl who was very beautiful and very kind and who had long, black hair. But she was short, not tall, and had brown eyes, not blue. She couldn't play the guitar, or even sing. But she prepared wonderful meals seasoned with rare Chinese spices and painted magnificent pictures of birds.

Because of his business, he lived in a city near the top of a tall apartment building that overlooked the blue ocean and the city's twinkling lights. He didn't have room for two Saint Bernards, but he had a fluffy cat.

He had three daughters, all very beautiful. The youngest, who was in a wheelchair, was the loveliest. The three daughters loved their father very much. They didn't play football with him, but sometimes they went to the park and tossed a Fris-bee ---except for the youngest, who sat under a tree strumming her guitar and singing lovely, haunting songs.

He made enough money to live comfortably, but he didn't drive a red Ferrari. Sometimes he had to pick up things and put them away -even things that didn't belong to him. After all, he had three daughters.

Then one morning the man awoke and remembered his dream. "I am very sad," he said to his best friend.

"Why?" asked his friend.

"Because I once dreamed of marrying a tall women with black hair and blue eyes who would play the guitar and sing. My wife can't play the guitar or sing.

She has brown eyes, and she's not tall."

"Your wife is beautiful and very kind," said his friend. "She creates splendid pictures and delectable food."

But the man wasn't listening.

"I am very sad," the man confessed to his wife one day.

"Why?" asked his wife.

"Because I once dreamed of living in a big house with a porch, and of having two Saint Bernards and a garden out back. Instead, I live in an apartment on the 47th floor."

"Our apartment is comfortable, and we can see the ocean from our couch," replied his wife. "We have love laughter and paintings of birds and a fluffy cat -not to mention three beautiful children."

But the man wasn't listening.

"I am very sad," the man said to his therapist.

"Why?" asked the therapist.

"Because I once dreamed that I would grow up to be a great adventurer. Instead, I'm a bald businessman with a bad knee."

"The medical supplies you sell have saved many lives," said the therapist.

But the man wasn't listening. So his therapist charged him $110 and sent him home.

"I am very sad," the man said to his accountant.

"Why?" asked the accountant.

"Because I once dreamed of driving a red Ferrari and of never having to pick up after myself. Instead, I take public transportation, and sometimes I still have to clean up."

"You wear good suits. You eat at fine restaurants, and you've toured ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Europe," said his accountant.

But the man wasn't listening. His accountant charged him $100 anyway. He was dreaming of a red Ferrari himself.

"I am very sad," the man said to his minister.

"Why?" asked the minister.

"Because I once dreamed of having three sons; a great scientist, a politician and a quarterback. Instead, I have three daughters, and the youngest can't even walk."

"But your daughters are beautiful and intelligent," said the minister. "They love you very much, and they've all done well. One is a nurse, another is an artist and the youngest teaches music to children."

But the man wasn't listening. He was so sad that he became very sick. He lay in a white hospital room surrounded by nurses in white uniforms. Tubes and wires connected his body to blinking machines that he had once sold to the hospital.

He was terribly, tragically sad. His family, friends and minister gathered around his bed. They were all deeply sad too. Only his therapist and his accountant remained happy.

Then one night, when everyone except the nurses had gone home, the man said to God, "Remember when I was a boy and I told you all the things I wanted?"

"It was a lovely dream," said God.

"Why didn't you give me those things?" asked the man.

"I could have," said God. "But I wanted to surprise you with things you didn't dream of.

"I suppose you've noticed what I've given you: a kind, beautiful wife; a good business; a nice place to live; three lovely daughters -one of the best packages I've put together-"

"Yes," interrupted the man. "But I thought you were going to give me what I really wanted."

"And I thought you were going to give me what I really wanted," said God.

"What did you want?" asked the man. It had never occurred to him that God was in want of anything.

"I wanted to make you happy with what I'd given you," said God.

The man lay in the dark all night, thinking. Finally he decided to dream a new dream, one he wished he'd dreamed years before. He decided to dream that what he wanted most were the very things he already had.

And the man got well and lived happily on the 47th floor, enjoying his children's beautiful voices, his wife's deep brown eyes and her glorious paintings of birds. And at night he gazed at the ocean and contentedly watched the lights of the city twinkling on, one by one.

" You are what you think about. All you are arises from your thoughts. With your thoughts, you make your world." The Buddha.