Thursday, June 22, 2006

Always look on the bright side of life...

Current mood: relaxed

Things that Suck Big Hairy A$$:

Having money being taken out from a paycheck you rightfully earned... going into an account you will never use... and basically kissing 600.00 of hard earned money goodbye, all the while having some snooty bitch telling you "tough shit".

Working 50 hours or more a week standing all day on swollen ankles just to try to save enough money to get your car legal so it doesn't have to sit in a driveway not being driven while you bum rides to work everyday... and sit at home on your days and nights off...with no means of going anywhere or doing anything.. Only to have every goverment and private organization suddenly start crawling out of the woodwork with their hands out for money you owe from days past...

Getting so stressed that you smoked a cigarette yesterday...and a newport to make it worse...and then feeling incredibly horrible and guilty for doing it afterwards...

Getting a letter first thing in this morning from the IRS telling you that a couple years ago, you didn't pay quite enough in taxes and now the federal government would like you to somehow come up with a few hundred dollars.... within a month.

Things that rock... I think this may be an on going list as things come to mind that cheer me up...:

Days off after working 12 days non stop

Sleeping late this morning *yawn* *stretch*

Delicious breakfasts of : Fruit smoothie made with fresh and organic Mango, Banana, and Kiwi, Organic Oat and Honey Granola with yummy organic milk, and Whole wheat english muffin with butter and lemon curd... *mmmmmmmm* which I'm gonna go eat right now...

Random friends requests and messages from seemingly chill and cool people...

Relaxing in a warm shower for half an hour...without feeling rushed, or running late to be anywhere for once! Especially nice when you just splurged and bought yourself some wonderfully natural and beautifully scented soap and shampoo... and have freshly cleaned, comfy clothes to put on afterwards

Making calls to insurance companys, tax collectors, and all the other boring calls and stuff i've been putting off...not really the part about making them...just the feeling of accomplishing something with my day that I've been putting off too long...

Compliments, messages, and comments from genuine, well meaning, and sweet people

Painting a picture inspired by my baby... which I am about to do...

Listening to music that inspires me... My playlist is so freakin awesome right now...

Yummy burritos! :)

my mom :)

Hot mustard and sweet N sour sauce at McDonalds (i know...ewww McDonalds.. but those sauces on fresh hot fries...delich)

Sitting back relaxing and doing not much of anything after a long day of relaxing and not doing much of anything

sitting still and feeling him wiggling around inside my belly

Currently listening:
The Meaning of Life
By Monty Python
Release date: 30 August, 1994

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