Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sent off with love?
Did I taint your bed?
Invade your space
N' leave you lovers dead?

Sorry mama... Mamalove...
Sorry papa.. N' Son who Never was...
How could we know...
Or did we know?
Did we all know
The rows we hoed?

Sent off with love...
When I kept your seed
Enveloped in the safety
Of my motherly needs?

Watching now,
This garden grow
And hoping love
Was what was sowed...

Sent off with love and bills to spare
Sent off with silver threading through your hair
Sent with blessings,
Sent with care?

Can't be second... Not again...
Room for how many mama hens?
Where's the other?
Will he come?
Raise and rises settling son...

Whispered words unspoken yet...
Broken hearts we've never met
Will I see you this time clear
Or misstep the moment time is near...


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