Monday, March 6, 2006

Pure Light

Current mood:collecting my own thoughts..

Should I be only what you see...
Live in a shadowbox of who I could be?
Life is not lost by our words but by fear
Love is not taken but given by tears
survival at all costs even hearts we claim to treasure
but life is only seen within the standards which we measure
none is above and none is below..equality is truth
my insanity or your demons under the same tree... different orchids...the same roots
Love given can't be taken back, whats yours is yours to keep...
but sharing it in future lives makes lions out of sheep.

two halves can't make a whole thats real
two blind hearts cannot make a right
finding ourselves is all thats left to do
God willing paths will cross again...under the purest light.

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By Alice in Chains
Release date: 26 October, 1999