Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My "why does all employment suck" Rant :)

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Time to rant =) I dislike being paid shit money to be a freaking babysitter. Why is it that the people who make the big money are the shmucks who sit in an office doing nothing all day...why is it that these very same high paid shmucks can't even keep their shit straight enough to make sure someone is scheduled to give the meeting, when they scheduled 20 people to be at the meeting?? Why is it acceptable for the big money schmucks to suddenly decide with one days notice that they are having a conference call the next day, and expect that all management should be in at 9 in the morning, even if you weren't originally scheduled until that evening...just to sit on the phone and listen to baloney... WHy is it that these very same big money schmucks can decide with one days notice, that the following day all employees are expected to be in for 10...12..15 hours to do an inventory... Why is it that in this world we live in today, human beings are expected to have no life, but work...isn't it supposed to be the other way around... I understand that businesses need to be run, wether small businesses or corporate monstrosities... I understand that sometimes sacrifices need to be made, and sometimes people are called on to go above and beyond the call of duty... I understand that on occassion overtime may be a necessity, or an open to close might be necessary to help out the business when someone is sick and can't make their shift... But my question is this... Why is it always the lowest paid, lest respected, and most disposable people that are expected to give the most, bend the most, and basically be ready to fucking jump when bossman says jump... WHy?? because we are disposable... we are throw away.. If I decided not to show for work tommorrow...someone else would be there within an hour to do my job... If all the people there decided not to come in tommorrow... morning would come and they would be open for business at 9 AM sharp as usual... And its been that way at every job I've ever had... for all the differences... everything from door to door selling coupons...to slinging coffee...to selling cell phones... to answering a phone in a sickly happy professional "waste management hold please"...to the "yes Dr. I would love to stay and type up that report for you while you go run off to the golf course cause while you are a schmuck and its your own damn fault you were running behind all afternoon...YOU are the boss Dr. so go have fun...my plans weren't important anyways...."... Its all the SAME! Its the same damn job over and over!!! I need to find something that moves me...something that inspires me...something that fills me with some fucking passion... There are things that do that in this life...unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how to turn them into marketable skills... as it turns out theres not a lot of call for fire spinning, nor spiritual searching...nor poetry writing, or avid readers on the job market....Ah well.. tommorrow is another day... more baby sitting to do...more messes to straighten out.. more company ass to kiss all in the hopes of getting enough respect to someday move up a ladder to a top that doesn't appeal to me in the least... My only consolation when I get so frustrated I wanna throw my hands up and tell everyone to figure out their own damn mistakes...or tell that customer to take their snobby suburbanite uppity attitude and shove it up their fat ass....and walk the fuck out.. Is that both these jobs (and soon to be a third.. *sigh*), and the little money I make at them are what are providing me with the money to buy food and water and vitamins for the nourishment to grow a healthy baby, and the means to be prepared when my baby comes... and these jobs are what will help me to support my baby on my own until, I find a way to make a living, and do what i love with my time... and already, my baby is THE MOST important thing on earth to me...so, In light of that I guess I'll wake up again tomorrow morning... put on my spiffy work clothes... and head off to babysit, and shovel shit for one more day...with a cheerful smile upon my face! :)

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