Thursday, June 15, 2006


Current mood:sad...but still looking forward...

Its funny... that some people can't even see how much you love them, and how everything you do is for their own good...out of love... its funny that those things you mean with the purest intention to better someone's life, become the very acts that they believe prove that you are full of nothing but hate and spite...its amazing how fucked up life can be...or at least the perception we see it through. Amazing...and sad... oh well.. I'd rather love, and love with all my heart...I'd rather not give up on someone, and keep trying with all I have the ability to do to help them... I'd rather keep shining light in his direction, even if he never sees, than give up on love.... I'd rather be thought a mouse and know inside that I am really a lioness.. I always knew that one day I'd stop listening to your bull.. I'd stop indulging your delusions.. and I'd stop feeding your ego...and I knew that from that day on you would come to hate me.. that I'd be just another bitch like all the rest... I was different, and we could have been real... but as see only what you want to see.. only what makes you right... righteous... only what will justify your behaviors... so afraid to ever be wrong, that you no longer know the difference between the reality of the world and the lives around you..and the products of your own tormented mind... And maybe in a way you are just like me... Mybe we are both crazy..maybe thats why we clung to each other so desperately for a time... And maybe its over now, and will never be what I dreamed it could be... what we spoke of having, or being... But I know I'd rather Love you than Hate you... and I always will.

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