Tuesday, June 6, 2006

ITS A...BABY! ;)

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My announcement of the day.... I'm having a boy! I got to see my son on 3d ulrasound...he is BEautiful! he was wiggling around so much the nurse had a hard time getting pictures of him..So amazing, seeing his arms movin everywhere, and his head turning back and forth...In one picture it seems that he is smiling and he even looked like he was waving at us at one point... INCREDIBLE.. I has to choke back tears to try and stay still.. And she couldn't get a picture of him at first cause I was so happy I kept giggling and apparently everytime I laugh I wake him up and he starts twisting around... My due date is pushed forward just a little bit to November 12th...And he is about 10 inches long right now.. She said everything is healthy, he even had a full little bladder which means he is swallowing, and his kidneys are functioning perfectly! Anyways... Just wanted to share the news..I will scan the pictures and put them up later on tonight if I can.. for now, I'm gonna go out with my sister in law and maybe go register at some baby stores for boy stuff! =) BYE!

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