Monday, July 3, 2006


Current mood: excited

Hola my friends =)

I just got off the phone with one of the managers at the company I work for.. and I got my promotion :) YAYAYAYAY kick ass! Its only a trial run for a month to see how I fare, and then it will either become permenant or I'll get offered something else, or I'll be back to my old position...So either way you slice it, for the next month I'm gonna have twice the responsibility and probably 1 and a half times the stress (I've already been doing a similar job, just with the officiality) And twice the pay =) AWESOME! I have the money now to most likely get my car back on the road this week or early next.. And this is going to be the perfect opportunity to make some extra money to put away..shit, it may mean an extra few weeks of maternity leave, or a place of my own a month earlier than I had planned. KICK ASS! :) Sorry I'm rambling, I'm just psyched! I wasn't counting on getting it, so I'm not only happy but pretty surprised too! SOOO...... anyways, Life is good, job is good, baby is good, God is good. My life is BLESSED! Smiles for ALL!! Have a wonderful night, and a ridiculously happy and enjoyable 4th of July!



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