Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How dare you.

Current mood: infuriated

WORK:same shit, different day. 13 1/2 hours of shoveling crap on ankles twice their normal size, and aching feet... I arrived home in a wonderful mood. Been fighting the urge to rip someone a new asshole all day... But between being woken up by a cell phone ringing at some ungodly hour of the morning.. and schizo poetry, this is more than I can fucking take right now.

YOU have got to be kidding.. oh wait, thats right, I forgot, you are out of your mind.... As if lifes not stressful enough... as if i don't eat enough shit throughout the day, as if I don't have to bite my tounge to keep from telling assholes and bitches off enough in a day... I'm so glad YOU understand, and can see past your own bullshit... I spend my whole goddamned day putting up with idiots.. I spend my whole fucking day cutting people some slack.. and knowing that unless I stand my ground I will become a joke.. HOW DARE YOU make me a joke. Take your "ja koham cie"s (YOU FUCKING LIAR) and shove them up your ass. You won't be happy until you stress me out so much that something happens to my child. FUCK YOU. LEaving you was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself, and is BY FAR the best possible thing I could have done for MY baby. Its bad enough having to witness the insanity via phone and myspace profiles.. I can't imagine still living in the Hell you create around you. You have no idea the pain I have felt by sticking around in your misery for as long as I did. I MEANT WHAT I SAID, and how DARE YOU test the boundaries not once, not twice but three times!!! I HAVE HAD IT! I AM NOT A FUCKING JOKE! Test me again and see what happens. LOSE MY PHONE NUMBER. FORGET MY NAME. I regret nothing in my life.. but I regret EVERY SINGLE tear I have shed over you... I will be damned if I let you keep trying to manipulate your way back in so I can spend more of my life crying my heart out over you. Test me again, no more more more one more chances, I am done getting angry.. I am done feeling sad.. I am done entertaining any hope. No more. So test me again...and see...

for all your sermons about Karma.. You have no idea how far down you've sunk.

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