Wednesday, July 5, 2006

I have nothing...

Current mood: bitchy

... more to say to YOU. I blocked you, get the hint! You turned us into NOTHING, and now we ARE nothing. You never listened to a word I said to you out of Love, and you don't believe anything I have told you regarding me, or you. I wish I could be a saint and keep endlessly putting up with you and your mind, BUT I'm not, and I can't, I am so fed up at this point that I don't know how to respond with Love anymore! let me spell it out for you: YOU ARE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO BEING COMPLETELY INSANE. And that being the case I want NO PART IN IT. So take your crazy ramblings and GO on with your life. I AM DONE. A warning you'd be wise to hear: Phone calls at 1:30 in the morning by "private" numbers are obvious. If I see upon waking, one more time that I have missed several at ungodly hours of the morning, you will have visitors in silver badges knocking on your basement door once again. Same goes for the unmarked account "no subject" messages on myspace. And since it seems everything has to be spelled out for you, the same goes for emails, snail mails, messages delivered via homing pigeons, smoke signals, or any other contact at this point,etc, etc. I have had ENOUGH! Stop harrassing me, Stop sharing your crazy thoughts with me, stop trying to drag me back into the bullshit arguments that go in circles and nowhere else. I WILL NOT SAY IT AGAIN. GO AWAY.

To my friends who read these blogs, I apologize for involving you all in drama by my words, but I don't want to have ANY contact with this person anymore, and so I am anouncing this publicly, so there can be no confusion on his end that I MEAN what I say. So, sorry for this blog, but, on a happy note to all, Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. My nephew was so cute watching the fireworks.. seeing him watching such things with so much wonder in his eyes gives me this renewed appreciation for life.. kids are so F-in COOL! Plus I LOVE thunderstorms, they're so supernatural and such a tremendous force, I LOVE IT!.. so our picnic almost getting rained out was actually kinda fun for me! =) Hope you all had a good day today too!

Love Ya'll =)


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