Sunday, July 23, 2006

6 months today!

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being pregnant! I spent all day today lounging around just hanging out with my baby.. my belly... He moves so much now.. I can sit there for hours and just watch my belly lurch and jump and move along with him... Its funny.. for the longest time while hes been moving its been hard to imagine that it was anything more than a strange fluttery feeling in my lower belly.. Now everyday it becomes more and more obviously strong.. I can almost picture this tiny little person in there stretching and turning and kicking....I started feeling him moving higher up, like belly button level this past week too which was REALLY weird the first time he did it. I was talking to someone at work and all of a sudden It felt like someone was jabbing me lightly in the belly button.. only from the inside! I almost started to laugh!!!... I went out to babys R us yesterday and bought one of those fetal heart listener things... I think his heartbeat is still too quiet to hear over my own pulse and stomach rumblings but hearing him moving around is pretty cool! It made me laugh so much when I first turned it on.. As soon as I put the thing to my belly he kicked really hard and right square on the microphone. I don't think he coulda aimed better if he tried! Anyways.. I'm being one of those silly rambling mothers.. can't help it though...this kid has already got me enamored and completely wrapped around his still unborn fingers! Six months today, only three more to go! time is flying so quickly.. everytime I look at the calender another 4 weeks has passed... crazy! so much still to do before he's little time left... Mostly I just need the few most important things though.. A car that's safe for a baby, diapers, and a finished room for us to live in until I can afford a place of my own.. the rest will come in time... I can't wait to hold my own son in my arms.. but I am trying to relish every moment I can having him inside me... Just gotta get through this week, which'll probably be a 70 hour week or so... but once this week is over I'll probably be going back to 40-45 hour workweeks instead of the 60-65 I've been doing... which will be awesome.. much more time to spend relaxing, spending time with baby, smiling, and getting things ready for his arrival...YAY! anyways... hope everyone had a great weekend, with much relaxing and meditative moments...

Be well!

food for thought (borrowed from a friend's blog...):

"So it is that every person you meet, each soul who crosses your path and affects you - wonderfully and terribly, briefly or for a lifetime - is here for that reason, and every relationship you engage in is but a small scene in a vast, ever-unfolding human panoply that is being endlessly enacted for the purpose of your soul's development. When you recognize this, you will suddenly, breathtakingly see that each person has been brought to you with a high and elegant purpose, that each soul has come to touch your soul and teach it, that each relationship exists to hasten your own soul's beautiful awakening. No longer is anyone a stranger; no longer can any of your relationships be seen as failures or mistakes."
(Daphne Rose Kingma)

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