Sunday, July 9, 2006

Holy baby aerobics!

Current mood: giddy

22 weeks today! Lennon was moving so much last night!! I was laying down with my hand on my belly and he kicked hard enough that he moved my hand!! I couldn't stop giggling! I didn't realize before last night that he could be felt so strong on the outside now! I let my lil sister feel, she started laughing too.. and my mom felt him a whole bunch got all giddy and misty eyed =) he was moving around so much though, maybe he likes doritos and cherries cause I ate a ton of those last night! =) Anyways.. Its my day off, and I'm gonna go strawberry picking (and eating, lol ;)) and then maybe shoot over to a renaisance fair... I found this picture on google, this is a 22 week old fetus... he looks something like a newborn baby now (kicking more and more like one too)!! CRAZY! =) anyways.. I'm off and running for the day, catch ya'all later

Lennart Nilsson's pictures are so freaking cool!

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