Friday, July 14, 2006

final destination???

Current mood: bored

wow.. for the second morning in a row, i almost died on my way to work this morning.. this is starting to mess with my head!! Yesterday some crazy lady tried to run me off the road (see blog in regards to that..) and this morning. My brakes went out. Luckily I was sitting in the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and not hauling ass at 75mph on 91.... Anyways.. kinda scared me a bit.. I went to brake and my foot went all the way to the floor with a sort of a woosh sound.. I think either my brake line went, or else master cylinder.. Either way.. it blows, i just got my car back on the road and less than 48 hours later, i'm sitting at home (sweating my ballz off!) with no car again.... Plus I had to leave work early today cause I carpooled wit sarah from the point where my brakes went... I suppose its kinda good cause I probably would been there until close if I hadn't a reason to make me leave.. theres just too damn much to do there and I hardly got anything accomplished today.. oh well... tommorrows another day... I swear to god though... if anything happens tommorrow morning on the way to work that nearly ends my life, I am never getting in a car again!! I feel like I'm stuck in that teeny bopper movie "final destination".. only without the plane crashes, train's hitting cars and teen heartthrobs! LOL.. well hey, i guess if death is after me and its my time then thats the way its gonna be, but i sure hope not! I really like living, and i'd like to get to be a mommy.. plus if anything happens to my baby (even while in utero) I'm gonna have to come back from beyond the grave to kick someones ass... Revenge ressurection or something like that.. anyways, i've gone off on a tangent... and a fairly morbid one for that matter.. so I 'm gonna just stop talking now.

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