Monday, August 28, 2006

You were there...

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One more post for the day... I have no CD player in my car and since I don't have a room of my own yet at my house I don't really have anywhere to just relax and listen to music... but, that doesn't stop me from still enjoying some of my favorite music... I was reading some lyrics of favorite songs and I want to post some lyrics from one of my favorite bands of all time.. THE CALL.....I'm not a big fan of 80's music and their music borders on the 80's Pop/rock sound at times... BUT, it is incredibly heartfelt.. very deep, and have some of the most spiritually intense lyrics I've ever heard.... They managed to write music that brings to light some amazing truths.. without being preachy or overly religious... I LOVE these guys.... so.. I would like to share some lyrics to one of my favorite songs by them... it speaks such a profound and yet simple message.... Love.... God... is always there.... wether or not you recognize it is simply a matter of your perspective... If anyone is looking for some "new" old music... go find one of their albums... I highly recommend "Red Moon", "Into the Woods", or "Let the Day Begin".... I think I might post some more of their lyrics in my blog over the next week or without further ado:

You were there

-Michael Been-The Call-

Saw a mans home, a box made of cardboard

Frozen to the bone, cant take much more

He says Lord I need help here,

Send me a strong hand

To lift me from the street, help me to stand

Ive been forgotten, been forsaken

Poisoned by a bottle I could not shake it

Ive been passed over, been rejected

and Im afraid Ill never feel

the warmth of summer come again

Man I am helpless, Im freezing

You were there, you were there

Saw a sick man on a sick bed

Scorned by the world, like he had two heads

He says Im a man here, dying a cruel death

Cut off from the world, man it was so sad

He was suffering, he was ailing

Tortured by his fate, his body was failing

He says Im an outcast, left defenseless

And Im afraid that Ill be dead

Before the summer comes again

Ive been rejected, man I am dying

You were there, you were there

Saw a rich man alone in a dark house

A prison made of gold he could not break out

He says my life is aimless, it just seems pointless

Boredom truly kills, man I am hopeless

I got diamonds, I got houses

I got silver clouds and silver spoons to match it

Ive come up empty, I am desperate

And I never want to feel

The warmth of summer come again

Ill be forgotten, my life is over

You were there, you were there

Hope that meant something to some of you out there.... Be well and have a restfull night my friends...

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