Sunday, August 27, 2006

where do you stand on...

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What is your stand on.....
Abortion?:I always knew I could NEVER do it. I don't think its okay personally.. but I also don't believe its my right to tell anyone else how to live
Death Penalty?:I don't like the idea of someone deciding who lives or dies.. but it happens everyday all over the world to innocent people...In that light, murderers are not my top concern
Prostitution?:Again, I don't think I could ever do it.. but some people have honerable reasons I guess...personally, I think much less of the Johns than the prositutes!
Alcohol?:Okay in moderation... unfortunately though for many it is not used in moderation... and just like any other addiction it ruins countless lives...very Sad...
Marijuana?:Smoke it out of peer pressure but didn't like it in my teens.. in my twenties I enjoyed smoking it by myself and listening to some mellow music.. now, got no use for it.
Other drugs?:Are a waste of life, Never had to try most of 'em to tell you that.. I've seen first hand what they've done to some of my friends... a STUPID way to rot your brain!
Gay marriage?:Its not my life. I have no problem with people living the lives they see fit to live, and I sure as hell would not want anyone telling me who I could or could not be with
Illegal immigrants?:To me its the same as all the outsourceing going on.. either way rich assholes are getting richer by stiffing americans and getting shit done cheaper by poor foreigners
Smoking?:Did it for 7 years.. still want them sometimes.but its only cause I'm still addicted. Tobbacco company's are the devil and all the rich fuckers in them should die of cancer!!
Drunk driving?:possibly the most selfish and stupid thing someone could do.. if you wanna kill yourself FINE! but you have no heart or soul if you would risk taking innocent people with you
Cloning?:We should know better than to fuck with God's creation... but of course we human beings always like to think and pretend we are God so it doesn't come as a surprise...
Racism?:Pure IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY! I have no tolerance for racist people.. they need to get their heads out of their asses and start seeing whats going on.. Its pure hate...
Premarital sex?:It happens.. its always happened.. and it always will happen. maybe its right, maybe its wrong... I don't know..
Religion?:I perfer spirituallity.. it takes away the dogma and doctrine and places more emphasis on the human experience with the divine..
The war in Iraq?:Bullshit and Greed.. our poor children are going to come back fried.,. and their poor children are being murdered... its all sick!
Bush?:Evil Bastard...
Downloading music?:its a moral grey area....I cannot claim innocence there ;)
The legal drinking age?:its fine i guess.. its the legal enlisting age that should be upped.. but of course they want'm young.. easier to brainwash, mold, and control
Porn?:I understand its purpose.. can't claim to have never watched and enjoyed it...the size of the industry defiently just goes to show how animalistic human beings truely are!
Suicide?:Selfish and cowardly... I don't know about anyone else but I'm never gonna roll over and let life beat me down.. fuck that!

alright.. I'm really gonna stop procrastinating now and leave! lol! PEace ..

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