Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Current mood: hot

Holy Moly! It is hotter than I'd imagine hell to be out there! My 20 minute commute nearly cooked me and the bun in the oven ;) its enough to make a pregnant lady curl up on the couch in the airconditioning and sleep... maybe ask my mother to bring me some icecream... ah well I'd love to, but my work clothes are becoming more unwearable by the day.. I don't think I can take one more day of hiking up my pants that keep sliding down under this hugmongous belly o mine and tugging at the botton of my shirt to pull it back over this huge belly o mine not to mention that buttons are threatening to pop open over the baby bulge too.. soo... Hi Ho Hi Ho its maternity shopping I go.. for the third freaking day in a row... After this three day hunt for some decent clothes that fit comfortably... If I never see another department store maternity section again it'll be WAY too soon.. Anyways, thats my pointless wanderings for the time being.. Have a good day everyone, stay cool, stay indoors, or in the shade and drink a few gallons of water!! PEACE!


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