Wednesday, November 30, 2005

eternal sunshine......

Current mood: depressed

Memories of what we left behind
the sweet and the ugly running around in my mind

Backpacking conversations on common ground
Email and falling asleep to your sweet sounds
Resevoir walks
spiritual talks
reading life in the cards
a german shepard in our own yard
movies spooning
campfire crooning
back roads and vermont leaves
your arms around me with ocean breeze
lonely hotel rooms though you were there
the blank dark eyes above me...your cold stare
empty stretches of midwest roads
not always speaking in metaphor or codes
running my lifes possessions down the stairs
the feel of your fingers passing through my hair
the songs we might have food stores
seeing the world...plans to go on tour
durfee, magnolia...and van buren synchronicity
asking in polish if you would kiss me
sunset on the pacific...ventura boulevard
sunglasses out the window...trapped in a car
making love on mountain tops
getting into a car with oklahoma cop
doing what I can with where I am
both of us striving to be the best that we can
open mike scenes surrounded by strangers
meeting with you in our bridal chamber
accusations, paranoia in your mind poison with no antidote
dreams and wishes locked in boxes in the words we wrote
aquarians, horoscopes...finding free hotspots
climbing talcott, comparing stories of what we are and are not
west side, east side, racing home uninsured
believing stories told though meant to be absurd
muffins, coffee, chain smoking all night, old school games
knowing when we reached my door it'd never be the same
coldplay singing, tree hugging, smoking after we broke up
life is a matter of perspective...of how you see your cup
tickling me so hard, laughing so loud...the smile on your face
painting for your mama..bjork at your sisters place
jerry's protoge in north hampton..purple boas and bead shops
nashville bacon and ice cream...climbing trees to the top
kayaking...geeses, private islands...too much lighter fluid, my bad!
the best days, my best friend, and the worst times I've ever had
screen house nights so cold...late night waffles warmed us over
searching in the rain in vain while you found two four leaf clovers
Making you dinner in my grandmas kitchen, tag sales with nothing to do
The first night...finding the courage to tell you, I think I love you

How to leave this all behind...The smiles arm in arm with the tears
trying to see my way again...removing your face from future years
wishes never fufilled...delusions not removed..friendship gone to dust
our plans disolved to nothing...just as the car we fixed will turn to rust
Unfounded dramas I'm trying to turn away from but it's so hard
just want to feel the peace I had, before you had my heart

Currently listening:
Fix You
By Coldplay
Release date: 06 September, 2005

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