Sunday, November 27, 2005

an offering...

Current mood: hopeful


How do I tell you that I understand
And without losing myself or smothering you
How can I show you I might be falling for you

How do I show you without holding your hand
That I know all too well how alone you have felt
And while standing my ground how do I help a stone wall melt

How am I to hold you without chaining you down
And show you a mirror to whats inside your soul
Be a companion that is more than a typecast role

How can I show you whats been changed in my heart
By something not understood in the mind but felt in the soul
Not thinking it but living it is the difference that makes us whole

Religions, Saviours, and magic signs aren't part and parcel of the truth
Though bits they claim and lives they change the practice forms a roof

Whats beyond is incomprehensible to a fragile mind such as yours or mine
Its what makes up the collective concept...of what is Holy and Divine

Holy and Divine...

How do I even start to really truely know you
Without giving trust freely though the world says otherwise...
Cause how are we to know our hearts if we still wear our disguise

How can a plant bloom through a concrete wall
And if the defenses experience bought are always on guard
How can we learn which hand to keep and which to discard

Baby I can't give answers I don't yet understand
But without assumptions or expectations on this bond we share
Offered up to your lonliness if you'll take it my heart is there

I offer up to your lonliness if you'll take it my heart is there...

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