Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Key

Current mood: contemplative

How do you make someone hear the truth
when all the can see is what they want to read
How can you show without giving up your soul
that your only desire is to be the one that they need

Force feeding never works, but neither did space
patience is my only friend, Love my only strength
The Jew thats lurking below the surface swallowed by snake
the unhappiness you own you give to others with blame

The vehicle the tools you have at hand
and every truth in the world is yours to use at will
With faith, hope, and open eyes you'll see all you ask to know
you can be that child again, he is in you still

I knew you weren't dead yet when I met you
saw a spark of light lingering in your smile...your eyes
Saw right through the hard facade to the sweetness clinging on
saw a ray of sun in your head's clouded skies

Most live in deception, know not at what they stumble
darkness has swallowed them and all that was once good and kind
The voice that spoke in your childhood from your heart
gets replaced by the louder ones of the world...of your mind

The key is yours. Prayed for and placed in your hand
the door is there is you will only turn inside to see it is locked up tight
With all my heart I gave you all I have
The message delivered, a lantern for your night

I wish you wouldn't walk away, can't you see what you're running from
this fear you have will follow you, no matter how long you walk on
See yourslef as clear as you believe you see others, find the way back home
My love is you, space I opened now empty, and we're just another song.

Currently listening:
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
By Wilco
Release date: 23 April, 2002

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