Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Current mood: numb

Breakdown of the life you meant to break

Is this sadness
Mental illness
or are the things you've done to blame

are these stories
so far out there
or do I feel the same

The coldness
the lies in your eyes
chilling ripping at my soul

The soulessness
you show at times
penetrating to the core

This feeling
I keep for you
Its so hard to let fall away

This hope endures
in spite of things
the binding around my day

Please walk away if I am wrong
thats all that you could say
and for all it could have been
I am here alone again
with nothing but a song

This cycle
we perpetuate
is calling me again

The telephone
gives me the eye
email begs me to hit send

Every routine
I found here waiting
seems surreal without your hand

and all the things
that were once enough
slip slowly through the sands

Trying to put
the puzzle together
preserving whats left to learn

Trying to see
this life again
placing ointment on my burns

Walk Away if I am wrong
thats all that you would say
and for all it could have been
I am alone again...
with nothing but your songs

Walked away cause you were wrong
live to see a better day
and for all we could have seen
we are both alone again
nothing but a song

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