Sunday, November 27, 2005

FAITH: the evidence of that which is unseen.

Current mood: contemplative

I know God is real because
he tells me when and what to say

Teaches me the very same lessons of life
I speak of every day

Everything thats right in my heart
are the pieces he has healed

Everything thats good in my soul
are the flowers Love planted in this field

The stars in the sky and the things we can't know
keep me pressing in ever higher

The people who touch me unbeknownst to them
fuel this passion and add kindling to this fire

None is a stranger and none is untouched
by the hand at sometime in this life

None is condemned by any but their own two hands
none are forced to stay out of the light

Kindred spirits are we all
as evidenced by all we share

Don't stop fighting for it, keep on striving for it
reach out....LOVE is there

I know God is real...

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