Sunday, November 27, 2005


Current mood: thankful


for all the inconsistencies
because you see it within yourself
overanalyzing tiny misinterpretations
gauging reactions instead of going on instinct
why do I do it...why do you too
what is it about actions that we may misjudge
how can that credibility be greater than an internal guide
when you feel so much thats deeper than speech
why do you trust a voice more than an emotion

what if we all sang out our hearts
not in words but instead in melody
what world would this be if our love was on our sleeve
what grace would be given to all by the Christ in us each
the voice that speaks though at times in a whisper
that seed of feeling that stirs in a spirit
is it in us all or do some really not know
is ignorance and hatred to rampant as that by now
is that why boundries are always pushed and morals stretched
grey areas widening... covering over with clouds
self doubt blocking out the depths of the colors of real life

the sparks you see are real!
embrace them and let love be released
it does no good to anyone if its all held down inside
I see you screaming to get out please open up and let us in
the door while underestimated is swinging both ways
a guitar is no good with no musician to bring out beauty
a word no good unless properly spoken
a song can be sang with no heart standing behind it
touching all of the no one it has reached for...

a mind is no good if its wasted away
until all you received on the 52nd day
has flown out the door, dead and drained away
trust is of no purpose if extended to none
what good is done to stockpile feeling for pride
what consequences if you've never truely lived

Don't assume you are damned when none has condemned
Freedom and opportunity are the fine silverware
placed in a drawer with linens left for special occasions
but always forgotten in the times we might use them

we can boast of and brag secure and insure
but why build a collection while ignoring the purpose it was made for



go live it! spread it! share it!
connect, touch souls, reach out to those alone
some need a friend, others a father
some a lover, others a mother

virtues of the heart and soul are the true diamonds
priceless, rare, beauty in every facet
value that which is eternal not that which claims it on TV
why do we pray for what time will eat away
when the easy road is that most follow
and the wide gate stands before us

do we think its a game?
do we feel we have no fate?
we dress in robes and bless our bread and cry blasphemy...
all the while misusing a name

"depart I never knew you" as you die
what if its only our own souls which call out as we fly
what if body becomes as ground
all we identified ourselves through just the same
and no spirit is found as the body shuts down
what is left to go on if nothing you built?

That which none will ever see with eyes
is of greater value than all you pay a fortune for to decorate your wrists
EXPERIENCE is what you make of it...and its what makes you.

LOVE because we are all the same just in different disguises

LOVE because your struggles can be seen in anothers eyes

LOVE because though its been said already, what is true rings clearest

LOVE is the answer, all you need, and the meaning of life

LOVE with no regrets and like its the first time

LOVE because it is the only way to truely live in this life

Face the light and feel the pull from within
grow inside and together to find your garden of Eden...

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