Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not one you've seen

Current mood: tired

Get out of your mind
and fall into your heart
even just this once
Your intuition is NOT your fear
overthinking and predicting outcomes
when its only just begun
how unfair to not see where we'll go
how sad...we might never know
projections of the past
you have put on my face
covering, clouding...
unable to see me clearly
My intent is not for harm
to either of our lives
my aim is not to drag this out
or pull you through the mud
my goal is not to push you for a title
not to become your wife
live in this moment
while I am by your side
enjoy this bond
share this common ground
exchanging energy, lessons we hold inside
don't push me there
I won't pull you here
lets meet somewhere inbetween
I'm Not the girls you've had before
My soul not the ones you've seen
Dont trust me, trust life
not thinking it but living it
you're where you need to be
I've got plenty of time
plenty of patience
plenty of heart
I'll be waiting for you
If you want to see...

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