Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Your Ally

Current mood: sad

A Poem I wrote in October while driving through Arizona...


Life grows, glows, goes on by

Only choosing misery to se with your two eyes

Mind closing, shutting out the truth

Only believing what youve seen in the past, your proof

Giving only for ego, taking without seeing the damage done

Unable to accept this grain of joy, impossibilities are none

Your life will be exactly what you choose

No one can ever take that control from you

Believing we are destined to crash and burn

Directing our course to darker paths when at any point we could turn

Speaking over what you cant hear

Shutting out all that could make this so clear

Misery your best friend, the only ally you ever accepted

Loneliness your way of life, happiness left neglected

You arent doomed to fail, no one has condemned

If only you would understand

this doesnt have to end...

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By Coldplay
Release date: 07 June, 2005

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