Wednesday, May 17, 2006

why can't life be like the movies???

Current mood: confused

Just watched a movie that inspired and saddened me all at once...Why can't life be more like the movies least so long as we knew what genre we are in we would know the general premisis of the ending....Wether good will triumph over evil...Love will win over everything... or wether we will end up being taken from behind... a bloody end, or to be continued... Or maybe life is slapstick....just a joke...A Jim Carrey movie that most people fail to see the humor in... Anyways, I am rambling...But i wish that my life's ending might turn out in someway reminicent of the supporting character in the wonderful movie I just watched again for the first time in a few years...Or I at least wish that someone could guarentee me a smile on my face as I pass on someday, and that all the tears will not have been in vain.

Currently watching:
A Beautiful Mind
Release date: 16 December, 2003

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