Monday, May 29, 2006

A sign

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Reading through some poems written in the past year or two... I think I may post some over the next several days...the ones that have the messages that i feel to share right now. =) ENJOY.

A Sign

Are we all so blind

To the subtlety of signs

Looking nowhere but back

Looking at who has what we lack

Are we all such fools

Bound to our own rules

For what our lives should be

To who or what we flee

Are we really so careless

Less concerned with inner peace more with how to dress

All our attention now devoted

To what media and fashion has promoted

Are we all so far caught up

That corporate America has bought us

Conforming ourselves to the trends we identify

Unable to see beyond the overcast skies

Im trying so hard to break out of this

Trying to grasp all our minds might miss

Life is full of fear but I wont run no more

Faith keeps me hoping looking for my open doors

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Your Pregnancy Week by Week, Fifth Edition
By Glade B. Curtis
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