Monday, May 22, 2006

I despise Liars

Current mood:Done... Have fun with the new one.

Just a random thought.. 20 obsessive phone calls everyday... "I miss you so much" and "I love you" and "forever yours"....Apparently these things mean nothing... Apparently you can ask someone to marry you, spend every waking moment with them, give your heart, your love, your body, and your womb to a man and he still won't get that you Love him and only him... Apparently all those things are so easily forgotten in the twisted mind of a paranoid addicted man... Apparently 4 weeks is more than enough for a heart to mend and for a man to once again be "In a relationship"... Apparently one cute brunette is just as good as another.... Apparently the year I devoted to another soul meant nothing... Apparently feeling your own child kick within the woman who loves you and holding a life that is sprung from your own the moment it is born into the world is not enough of a reason to seek help for yourself... Apparently the selfishness and pride run that deep... Apparently I need to come to terms with being a single parent... Apparently my tears have been in vain...Apparently my hope and my faith is wasted...Apparently..........

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