Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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Please let me in

And I will never push you down

Trudging through the mud

When we could stroll on solid ground

I don’t know any better than you

How to rise above the pettiness of the world

I’ve never attempted to relate on this level

And not lose my own self worth

But I believe you and I could make it

As far as needed on this road ahead

I have faith that we could walk in truth

Separate but intertwined transcending the living dead

I know how afraid you are

Cause it lingers sometimes in my mind like yours

But I’m not going to push you away

With each new unearthed scar

I’m not going to turn on you

To defend my ego or pride

And I don’t want to force feed you

Truth as seen through my eyes

I have confidence that if you are open to it

You’ll discover all for yourself

I just want to grow with you

And have depth that with others we have never known

I think you and I might have a bond

That is rarely stumbled upon

We might teach each other things about life

That on our own we’d never have found

But here we go dragging through the mud

When we could stroll side by side

On solid ground

~~~~~~~Written in June 05~~~~~~~

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