Friday, January 13, 2006

Its never what you think...

Current mood: content

looking at the world
through cheap gas station sunglasses
at people as pawns in your game of chess
pasteing flaws of your conception or choices
on the faces who know you best
theorys of conspiracys
glimpses of hipocracy
analyzing inconsistency
in a pool of fear is where you lie
its never what you think
but feel
to find what truth is what is real
for all I could have shown you
for everything you think you see
for times we could have pulled through
for the nest of the birds of space and time
for the depths of this sea that is me
mockery your way not mine
the patronizing voice with which
you spoke in riddles
for an excuse not to stay
but still I can't hate you...
bitterness is not my way
I could not create a better you
but hope I you'll make yourself
not a statue of mind and pride
but alive
and find freedom
some sweet day

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