Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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Don’t accept any easy answers

Dig deeper to see the truth that caught your eye

Don’t settle for a fleeting glimpse

When the infinite stands before your closing eyes

Complaining of darkness in the world and in life

When light is calling out your name

Put your finger on the cause behind

What you play like a game

But drowning in the lies is so much easier

And shutting out the skies is so much easier

Accepting what they say is such a shelter

From looking down inside your very nature

In mathematics and religion you’ll find a shadow

A box to effectively hide a larger answer

And all that seeks to keep that which you’re after

Come journey on this side to find

What makes dreams to come make sense

Saying they’ve found the way

Is false truth they’ll try to sell you

It’s not in books or self help tapes

The change is within you

It’s nothing you’ll buy with money

Nor a weeklong retreat from life

The cure is in those inner resources

Left untapped until we die

Peace comes at a cost that is bought

With faith and trust and love

Peace is not an external environment

In comes from within and above

We try so hard to pinpoint and define

Something which eludes our words

And neatly package up the divine

To disperse amongst the herds

We follow the masses of lemmings

Plunging to our deaths in the sea

Holding on tightly to knickknack ideas

That keep us from all we could be

We hear these words but do not understand

Until we are broken to let them in

Won’t open the gate until it’s too late

If we remain in this box that they’ll put us in

Freedom is not knowledge

Or won in debates with a genius IQ

It’s not in the city you live or the lives you wager

It’s a verb and it lies in you

We create material instruments

To mimic the human voice

But the beauty and quality of a heart sung out

Is the most expensive choice

Who told you that you couldn’t sing

What was right, what was wrong

Who criticized the feelings

You felt to bring into your song

But cursing at the skies is so much easier

And falling for the lies is so much easier

Than finding ways to love your brother or neighbor

We waste away the days cowering on the floor

They’ll try to hold you down but baby your heart can float

To every man overboard, Love sends a lifeboat

My hand is extended out in these thoughts I wrote

Let me help you down from there

You are perched upon a fence

I wish you’d let me feed you

what you really hunger for

I wish you’d let me satisfy

An ecstasy that’s so much more

I can show you pleasure more intense

Than any you’d give yourself

We could lead a life that’s worth far more

Than any you could purchase with a world of wealth

We could analyze and read stars in the sky

But never have the trust

If the cracks aren’t shattered open

Lies will be the undoing of us

Why can’t we be the destiny

That’s called to us each and all

Why can’t we hear what’s singing out

To catch us from our fall

Open up your mouth

Let it all come pouring out loud

Fall to your knees in the vastness of land

And beg to be less proud

Be scattered out be broken

Shed tears you’ve never known

Admit you still know nothing

For if you ask it will be shown

The start of the journey, the door

Lies at this time and on this day

Set down the maps and look above

Crying out for love to show the way

But staying in your house is so much easier

And never reaching out is so much easier

And never singing out is normal life here

Staying in this realm is staying bound by fear

And leaving peace and freedom in the cages

Is done by restricting lives with declarations

And standing behind lies defend our nations

Let the walls crash down between brother and sister

Let us all dance

Time is an illusion

Buying is an illusion

Crime is an illusion

Blind is an illusion

Crying is an illusion

Fear is an illusion

Queer is an illusion

To hear is your illusion

Here is an illusion

Your tears are an illusion

This song is an illusion

Wrong is an illusion

A bong is an illusion

A bomb is an illusion

Your drama is an illusion

And Love is the conclusion

Hope is the conclusion

True faith is a conclusion

Outer peace just a delusion

Pride is an intrusion

Trinity is the infusion

But Love is the conclusion

---written May 2005-----

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