Saturday, January 7, 2006

The Divine Inspiration of a Coffee and a Sunrise with My Dad...

Current mood: rejuvenated

The Divine Inspiration of a Coffee, a Sunrise
and Conversation with My Dad....

Thanks for all you've taught me
Pain for all you've thought me
Either way the lesson learned
Nothing lost, new understanding earned

My vision clearing for the first time in so long
A glimpse of an amazing me, I'd thought I lost, hidden all along
Faith renewed and strength revealed to eyes once filled with fog
Finally seeing the pieces as one with spirit and ticking of clocks

No regrets for this time I spent with you Patch
No misery for understanding of love never to be grasped
What has always been mine is me, and cannot be taken with control
No being on earth to you or to me will ever fill a God shaped hole

Friendliness and separate roots were the start of this quest
Not holding on for fear when paths have split, becomes the truest test
Aside from selfishness, a Love I felt so pure, lies deep inside my heart
There it will stay untouched by time though difference keeps us apart

The answer not without in the doubts of the mind
The wisper within what Yahweh begs of all to find
The spirit of Fear, of Confusion, Mistrust...
Is not given by the God inside each of us

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