Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Current mood: content


Observe the desperation of the loneliest of folk

None to share their joys or tears

None with whom to pass the fleeting years

What makes them so? What was passed over…

Who do they long for?

Are their hearts now bittered…Where did the time go?

Seems like but a day

Now so many years have come and

Quickly gone away

Do they ever find comfort

For the ache deep within?

Do they ever feel regret

Remorse for who they might have been

How does one know

If their destiny is to be alone

How can a body cope

With the awareness of lonely nights to come

I’m not afraid to be alone..

At least I don’t think I am

But I’d love a friend to grow old with

If its written into this plan

Observe the desperation of a lonely heart

Kept company by self

Placeing all thats meant to give to another

To collect years of dust on a shelf…

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