Monday, January 9, 2006


Current mood: determined

DO you honestly believe that
the games will win me back?
Do you think you can speak or swing first
And then try to retract?
If you never saw the difference between
My truth and absurdity...
You never deserved the love I shared
And I knew it but gave IT anyway
I'm moving forward baby, I've let you go...
Though it hurts to walk away
I pray you will too, but it's beyond my control
what you choose to do with your day...
Bitterness and Blame:Your way.
You've been educated to become:Your Father.
But Strength and Love still lurks within to be found
If you ever care to bother............. try and find what gives you worth;
drop your walls and find your way home.....

With Compassion and Hope FOREVER,

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