Sunday, September 24, 2006

PLEASE READ: a request...

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On behalf of my unborn child I am putting out a request to all of you my friends... My ex is completely fucking nuts... some of the shit he's been posting on his myspace is getting pretty fucking scary to me.... This man is extremely unstable and abusive... I believe he has some form of schizophrenia or some other paranoid personality disorder.... the point is, I am TERRIFIED that when my son is born he will try to get visitation, custody, or come around.. For my baby's protection I'm trying to get the protective orders I already have bumped up to full protection so that he can't try to contact me in any way, or come within like 1000 feet or something.... What does this have to do with any of you??? Well, he has sent messages and contacted several of my friends that I know of.. and while I'm not sure he would have contacted anyone else, I wouldn't put anything past him at this point... so: If any of you have gotten ranting, raving, crazy messages from him, would you please forward them on to me... it would be a great help to me if I need more to help me prove to the police and courts how much he has completely lost it.... Anyways... sorry about the drama, if he hasn't contacted you no worries, if he has, please let me know, and if he ever does in the future please let me know right away... Thank you all!!!

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