Sunday, September 24, 2006

paintings for my son...

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Helloooo, I wanted to share some paintings I've been working on for my son, I'm hanging them over his cradle and they are based on the animals in the quilt I got for his cradle... Theres still two more I'm gonna do... I'm thinking of starting to try to sell my paintings... I went out and bought almost 200$ worth of unfinished wooden furniture and boxes to paint.. to try and start up a sort of business selling them... I'll post some pictures of those on here too as they are finished.. I also was looking at those plaster belly cast kits today too.. think I'm gonna order one, and do a painting on it too! :) I think right now I'm gonna go paint a picture for myself.. I've had this image in my head now for two days.. and if I don't get it out of there soon its gonna be lost in the spaces of my mind forever..... anywho... what'd yall think?? :)

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