Friday, September 8, 2006

Pirates, Paintings, Lead pipes, and Poison

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Just wanted to let everyone know... I saw a pirate today.. He was in walmart parking lot... and he had a patch and a sword and all... so all of you please be careful and be on the lookout... there be pirates in these here waters... "YAAAARRRghhhhh MATEY" :) Thats pretty much all I have to say.. I had a good and productive day off today.. my lil sister helped me run some errands.. spent lots of my money, but it was on some of the essentials for baby.. Got myself a sweet ass Rocking chair :))))) I LOVE LOVE LOVE rocking chairs and I finally had a good reason to get one!... Got some curtain rods so I could finally hang my curtains I made a few years ago that are the coolest freaking curtains you will ever see... AND, I bought my first package of diapers... I was really wanting to use cloth diapers but I don't know how thats gonna work.. I'm still gonna try, but I bought some biodegradable, natural fiber, latex and clorine free disposable ones.. just in case rinsing poopy diapers becomes just tooo unappealing ;)

So anyways, mine and Lennon's room is almost finished.. few more random things to get, couple more homey touches and we will be in like flynn. I painted him some reall cute jungle animal paintings the other night to go with the cradle quilt I bought...Gotta hang those up this weekend. I went to visit the hospital last night for a tour of the maternity wing... BLAH! I freaking hate hospitals.... And while I am looking forward to meeting my son, I am dreading having to give birth in a hospital.. I'm gonna be such a thorn in their sides, I can see it already.. I'm not gonna cooperate with anything that they do as standard procedures from the moniters they use to the tools they want to use, the drugs they want to give, to the injections they're gonna want to give him and the goo they're gonna want to put in his eyes.. no way no how!! Not gonna happen! I'll be damned if they're gonna shoot my newborn son up with all sorts of chemicals and crap! Or give me narcotics so they can get passed on into him and he can come out all drowsy and drugged up! I've read WAYYYYY too many things about vaccines and all of the "standard medical procedures" that have caused serious harm and even death to way to many people.. I think I'll try and deal with the pain thank you very much! And I think I'll take my chances with vitamin K deficiencys hepatitis and german measles rather than have my hours old son get injected with shit that had the same stuff in it that embalming fluid is made from! DOn't get me wrong.. I know the Drs mean well and its what they're trained to do... but I think I recall reading also that the fall of the Roman empire (which was the greatest human force to reckon with on earth at one point) was due to such a simple thing as the water system being built with LEAD pipes... Roman engineers, though they had the best of intentions, poisoned an entire population of people simply because they did something they thought would be fine...without knowing the possible long term damage it could do...In my opinion.. based on all the information I've informally studied and self taugh myself.. I think a good portion of western medicine is heading in the same direction.. from vaccines to prescription drugs.. its all the same poison in my book. AAAAaaaaaaaaaannyways :) Sorry for the rant, I tend to ramble about things I feel passionately about.. Point is: That hospital does not know what kind of a hard time they are in for the day I walk through they're door ;))) and on that note.. I think I'm gonna go put my footsies up and read a bit.. Tah Tah and Good night... and don't forget to be on the lookout for pirates...


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