Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Here's the latest... I went to my blood doctor late last week and was told that the blood aspect of my illness (the paart where my blood was attacking itself) is in.... REMISSION! That is the really life threatening portion that required the plasmapheresis treatments and catheters, etc...... So the constant threat of rehospitalization is not an issue at the moment! Now I'm just trying toget my Kidney's up and running.... I'm still bruising very wierd (they spiderweb out in little dots?!) and easily and they don't go away for a long time then (still have LOTS of the bruises I had two weeks before I left the hospital!) so my Nephrologist is hesitant to do a kidney biopsy still because of the risk of bleeding.... SO I still have no idea why I am spilling so much protein in my urine.... It is decreasing a bit at last testing but it is still like monumentally high.... SO I am self treating myself homeopathically, seeing my chiropractor and getting acupuncture as well and still taking my meds.... I'm curious to see if the homeopathic and chiropractic treatments will make a difference when I go get my tests on tuesday.... I also started Water Therapy yesterday... today was my second class and I'm feeling a little stronger already and lost another couple pounds of water weight (from the compression in the pool)... Thats about all I have to report on the health side of things.... btw most low sodium food SUCKS serious buttcheeks! On a more fun note... I went to the thrift store for the first time in FOREVER the other dayand got some clothes to modify and some cheap fabric, so I'm keeping myself busy and making some wicked new clothes for myself.... which is necessary cause right now I am the oddest sort of skinny, flabby and puffy and so many of my clothes do not fit right at ALL! anywhos.... my mom's computer's battery is gonna die any sec I think so.... Laters,

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