Thursday, August 7, 2008

More update.... depressed....

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So Dr said today I likely won't be going home this weekend... More likely NEXT week..... :( This makes me very sad....... I miss my Lennon so much... I miss my life... the rest of my family... My poor dad is getting burnt out from being down here practically 24 hours a day, I can tell.... and my momma and Addi are both sick and having to take care of Lennon.... I'm trying so hard not to get down in the dumps but this just doesn't seem to end... I am trying so much to count my blessings and be happy that I am alive (the dr just reiterated again that I would have not likely made it through this if I had waited ONE more day even to come in....... so my fleeting desire to go to the Clinc for some medicine for sure SAVED My life....) And I know I need to be so thankful that this could have had a completely different outcome.... not to mention all of the valuable lessons that this has taught me.... I'm trying to be thankful to God that I will get to be here to watch my baby grow up.... but this is all starting to wear on me emotionally in addition to physically getting tired of feeling like hell.... I JUST WANT TO GO HOME TO MY BABY......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for this burst of "woe is me"..... I hate being one of those weak sorry asses.... but I just need to get this out!! I was enjoying my life so much this summer.... Lennon and I were out riding our bike just about every day... feeding the ducks, going on slides, having such a great summer together.... I just started working on a mural at a local youth theatre group... I was getting in such good shape physically.... you should see me now... I look like I got hit by a couple of tow trucks (literally.... you should see some of this bruising) and I feel worse than I look! My poor little boy got weaned out of nowhere.... not to mention that his mommy just up and disappeared one night out of the blue and hasn't returned in a month still..... My family got the daylights scared out of them , watching me go through seizures and not sure if I was ever going to open my eyes again... I lost A FUCKING WEEK of my memory.... nothing but flashes of pain and faces.... I've had TWO Arterial catheters installed in my body, one of which will now be there for AT LEAST a month or two... I've had MRI's, LUMBRA PUNCTUREs, PIC LINES, PLASMAPHERSIS DIALYSIS, IVS, more BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS than I can count....., GOD knows how many different kinds of DRUGS and STEROIDS...... And it WILL NOT END!!!!!!!!!!
I am greatful for how lucky I am.... but I cant help but feel so very ANGRY that this happened....

I'm so not a lawsuit kind of person.... my mom thinks that once I am out of here and recovering, I should Get a lawyer and pursue that Dairy for neglegence (all signs point to that being the case...and besides me 4 others fell ill too , all kids between 7and 2 years old!) I have mixed feelings on that.... but I am so freaking MAD that I almost died and my family and I've had to go through all this hell just cause someone didn't take seriously what they were doing.... aaaarggggggggghhhh.....
I dunno.... I guess I'll figure it all out once I'm on the road to recovery more.....

physical updatewise, they still haven't figured out the belly bleeding thing but they are monitoring it... and now the past two time I have gotten my plasma treatments I have spent the entire night after in excruciating pain with these weird charley horse insense shock/ muscle spasm things in my legs from groin to toes.... They figured out its some sort of electrolyte/calcium imbalance that is being caused by the treatment and they said they can give me something to get rid of it next time.... I hope so because lastnight they gave me me the strongest painkiller they had (I wanna say Demeral?) (mainlined into an IV) and it didn't even barely take the edge off, just made the room spin all night as well... Besides that they are puzzled why I am loosing so much protein in my urine.... Apparently a sick person will sometimes lose a couple hundred protein counts.... someone with kidneys in trouble will lose 4000 or so.... I MEANWHILE am loosing I think they said around 40000protien count consistently.... and they have no idea why, cause its not a typical symptom of this illness.... so Hopefully my kidney's will stop being little jerks (lol) this week/weekend...... otherwise they are talking about biopsy's and extra steroids starting this upcoming week...... Fun stuff......

Anyways.... I guess thats enough pity party blogging out of me... Sorry for being dramatic..........I just miss you all ( especially my LENNON) and am getting real tired of having to put on a tough face and lookon the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE..... I feel shitty, and it needed to be said at the moment..... Love you all.

well, I guess I can say something on a lighter note.... today the "art therapy" volunteer came in and let me use her oil pastels and watercolors for a couple hours.... so I got to paint/draw a picture of my beautiful little boy..... that was pretty cool and a nice release that was much needed..... Its pretty cool that they have things like that for patients.... so yeah... happy happy joy :) I wish I had a camera... I'd put up a picture of my painting... but I no have one so..... oh well... Laters

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