Friday, September 5, 2008

Still here :)

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Hi everyone,
just another quick update... still going to water exercise classes... they are helping alot with getting my strength and endurance back.... I'm finding myself with a bit more energy these days and I can actually go up and down a flight of stairs now without being totally exhausted! I can pick up Lennon and put him in his carseat and all that good stuff too.... I went to my Kidney Doc earlier in the week... protein in the urine issue is still there... its still dropping, but again it is still freakishly high.... unless it drops pretty rapidlyover the next week or so they will most likely do the biopsy to see what the deal is..... Could be anindication of permanant damage to the filers of my kidneys.... A biopsy would also mean an overnight in the hospital.... The alternative to a biopsy would be a 12 WEEK course of HIGH DOSE steroids (prednisone) which I am already on in a pretty high dose and lemme tell you it is some miserable shit... The side effects of that are all sorts of nasty stuff, fluid retention, permanant bone loss, nausea, dizziness, a permanant nasty taste in your mouth all day.... hair growth in wierd places, and bad acne.... etc.... etc.... so I'm thinking the biopsy might be the way to go... at least then I would be able to know what condition my kidneys are in for sure and proceed from there....

LEts see.... I took myself off two of the anti-depressent drugs they had me on.... Trazadone and Clonapin..... I haven't gone nuts yet so I think i'm in the clear ;) I'm still on one, but I'm gonna attempt to wean off that one over the next week or so.....

Much of my bruising has faded now... and a lot of the swellling has gone down and I'm now starting to see the scars and damage that has been done to my body... some of it is pretty harsh, i'll say that... I'm really trying to not let it get me down.... its just skin right... anyways, I'm lucky to still have a living BODY so..... as hard as it is some days I'm just trying to stay positive about that and the helll with the less important things....

I have an appointment with a naturapath on Monday to see what she can do.... I was trying to self medicate homeopathically and have been trying to work on myself nutritionallly but for as much research as I've done on naturalhealthI still sort of feellike I'm shooting inthe dark... so Let's see what a professional can do... my insurance won't cover her and I'm pretty broke, but I'd spend everything I've got if it'll get me healthy and able to get back to living again.... I've got high hopes for the natural route so... we'lll see how it goes :) I also got back that nasty stomach bacteria C-Diff that I had in the hospital which has made for a lot of stomach cramping and painful sorts of fun this past week or so... so now I'm back on that hardcore antibiotic to try and get rid of it again.... after its gone this time I'm going to put myself on a special diet to make sure thatshit does NOT come back again...I am NOT going to go through what my grampa did fighting that thing for 8 friggin months!

Anywho.... aside from my health, other news... Lennon is going through a poopy-head phase right now.... he throws tantrums over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING... and has taken to banging his head into things to make himself cry harder to try to get attention... I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it yet... part of me wants to console him and kiss his bruised head, but thats what he's looking for and I don't want to encourage him... so far I'm trying to just ignore it and not give him the satisfaction of getting attention for acting crazy! I hope it works cause it is really hard to watch him doing that.... he also has been giving me a hard time not listening to me and ignoring me when I'm talking to him cause he has figured out that it takes me longer to get up and grab him, and that when I'm not feeling well I may not get up and chase him to sit him down..... so I'm trying to force myself to follow through on punishing him even if it means making myself get up and grab him in the midst of a bout of nausea to sit him down.... I wish I had more energy to play with him and take him outside and such... I'm sure that a lot of the problem is that he's got lots of energy that he hasn't gotten out most of the summer.... he spent most of the time since I got sick (JUNE) indoors watching the same dozen movies over and over.... It makes me ill to think about but there really wasn't and isn't many options in this circumstance... I try to get Addi to take him outside as much as possible, and I have a few times but I can't keep up with him at all and he has been listening so poorly, and if he were to run into the road or something.... *sigh*..... poor kid.... this summer must have sucked so much for him... to go from being outdoors everyday, riding around on our bike.... feeding the ducks and going on playgrounds.... to Mama disappearing overnight and being cooped upp in the livingroom in front of a TV suddenly... no wonder he's been acting out.... ANyways, again, I can't complain though, I know my mom and Addi had their hands full all summer and did what they could... I'll just have to work extra hard to make up for his past few months with Lennon once I'm back on my feet again....

hmmm..... I think thats about it for now... no real major revelations or soul baring admissions this week, lol... hope everyone has had a good week and if you are in new england hope you all enjoy the loverly tropical storm we are expecting this weekend! Be good,
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