Monday, February 2, 2009

how are you?

three little words... simple as language can be
the answer always is... not plain enough for me to see

keeper of the keys... my shackles and my cage
feeling the grave is chasing... getting faster as I age

My heart is not within me....rather running loose and free
and will grow with what I give him... tools to shape, what he will be

so many minutes failing... at providing what he needs
so few being his tender... she sows loving, beautiful seeds

In the dreams I know I've lost him... in room and in my sight
the damage life will deal him... my only failure, in this night

and somehow I know it's within me... to just. be. me.
but I'm not sure who she is...the live and dead,
my puzzle is the picture of my tree

always search, ever seeking... always stumble, never seeing
over ego and grandiose visions... of the color, of the beast
from which I must be fleeing

the flags are all around me... the warning screams over the waves...
but I just can not tell the difference.. which god kills and which god saves?

pennies rain upon us... while we watch them bathe in bills
and they laugh at truths they've told us... plain as day THE MONEY kills.

human intimacy reduced to lol... and singles ads to meet
the hugs, the laughs. they miss them now.. evidence all up the street

or is it? an illusion? just the white band.... upon the arm of the slaves
cause we've got lots in common... and where it counts, we are all knaves.

your breath is mine... or else it will be someday...
just as soon as his wind... carries it her way..

Friends, I'd love your real answer to these three simple words...

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