Sunday, February 8, 2009

a hopeful birthday...

Current mood: strong

a childish rhyme...

Birthday oh birthday you've come yet again

each time push me further from what I want to be: TEN

Too many years past days I'd play in the woods

building tree forts and skunk bombs for the kids in the hood

The ghosts in the graveyard getting closer each day

and I look in the mirror to find yet another hair's turned gray

The energy I once had to keep running till nightfall

the crisp clear sound of the peepers and each mother's call...

the memories bring sighs... disappointments...even tears

chasing away futile thoughts.. desperate that I could roll back these years

The comfort I find though as I sit here tonight

typing this poem by sleeping babe and night lights

Is the dreams of what someday may light up this place

the years upon years of crinkling laugh lines spread over my face...

here's hoping...

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