Friday, January 2, 2009

a person is a person after all

current mood: discontent

All around me it's naught but INSANITY...
and your music makes me want to cry because I know I've felt that before...
I can't remember if it was this life or another... but I've been there
I quit cigarettes yet again...
and I sit here in the same place yet again...
and I write the same yearning thoughts in slightly different phrases
and nothing ever changes
for the
Insanity on the screens...and I recognize it all... but then I look down at my wrists and see the same shackles I once had only seen on those around me...
Sick to my stomach that the cage followed me when I left the hospital that day..
or maybe it was there all along...
Some small once still voice.. screaming out inside
We are here
We are here
But no one hears...
a person is a person after all.
Insanity is all around me
and your music makes me cry.

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