Sunday, July 27, 2008

from kalee’s mom

Hello everyone
I wanted to let you all know that, Kalee is very sick.
She has been in Hartford Hospital for 15 days.
She got E-coli from raw milk, at least
thats what it looks like happened. You might have heard it
on the news or read it in the newspaper, about
an organic farm in Simsbury, CT getting closed down (Town Farm Dairy) . 3 other people in the state are sick with e-coli. The only common link is they drank milk from that dairy. I hacked into her myspace to tell you, and to ask everyone to pray and send good wishes her way. She really is not up for any company right now. I will let you know when she is . But she really could use some PRAYER, LOVE, and HOPE from all of you.
Kalee's mom - Karen

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