Monday, July 7, 2008

food poisoning and the week from hell....

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Lennon and I have just had the week from hell... hopefully it is drawing to a close now! Don't have too much time to write, just wanted to give a quick update though... On Monday Lennon and I were in a bicycle accident which, despite my best efforts to prevent the bike from going over, resulted in Lennon's little head (helmeted thankfully) violently striking the sidewalk cement, Lennon's knee being skinned, and him being pretty shook up. His Helmet was cracked, and he was shaking and crying hysterically after the crash and so I called 911 and we were treated to a trip to the ER for a more thorough lookover... Turned out he was fine and had no signs of any serious head injuries or anything... I skinned a knee and sprained my ankle, pulled muscles and just generally felt like I had been in a bad carwreck the next day or two (though Lennon was back to his old cheery happy golucky self within 24 hours... little kids are AMAZINGLY reslilient I guess!

So one would think this was enough trauma for the week, but starting that very night (monday) I started having some serious nausea waves, which I chalked up to upset nerves from said bikeing incident.... Tuesday they were a little worse, but still far from terrible. by wednesday they had gotten bad enough to be a nuisance (but still not bad enough to make me see that eating normally might not be the best oof ideas...) until I decided to stop for a grinder and a scoop of ice cream with Lennon... about an hour or so after that I suddenly was beset by horrible (HORRIBLE) stomach cramping and the lovely diarrhea that came along with them... This progressed throughout the night and by morning it had gotten to the unbearable point.... to put it bluntly and possibly TMI but, I would compare it to being in labor with child.... only in the stomach and ass regions.... hospital gave me drugs to take the edge off the pain, CT scan to make sure it wasn't some unknown internal trauma caused by the bike accident earlier in the week. And gave me some super strong antibiotic junk cause my mom mentioned that my grandfather had been ill for 8 previous months with this super intestinal bug, C-Diff. I left the hospital not knowing any more than I had going in, but felt quite bit better (from the drugs)... that lasted for mere hours before the drugs wore off and for the next 48 hours the majority of my life was spent praying for either the pain to stop or for lightning to strike me dead and put me out of my misery. Thankfully my mom and Addi were able to watch Lennon for much of that (including through that first night) which was help in one huge way, but in another a whole other arena of TORTURE for him and I.... Plus he has hardly nursed this whole time because of the drugs I am taking. I put off starting the antibiotics for two days (since I was hoping to wait it out and let it resolve itself) until I could no longer take the pain and in a moment of desperation I started taking them....

It's over 2 days later and Now I am starting to feel slightly better.... well enough to eat a bit of white rice yesterday, and some banana and oatmeal today.... I've lost almost 10 pounds this week, and feel so WEAK! but hopefully things are looking up.... I still have almost 4 days of antibiotics to take and I'm not even entirely sure that they did a damn thing to begin with.... and I can't nurse Lennon until they are done with.... poor kid does NOT understand at all why he can't nurse, and has been (as is to be expected) putting up quite a fight about it.... I tried giving him a bottle of goats milk to substitute for this week, but he wasn't having it.... I am really hoping that this all works out... that I don't end up with some other crazy sickness from these damned antibiotics.... and that Lennon doesn't end up weaned in such an unfortunate way... This is SO FAR from the happy and healthy way that I want our nursing relationship to end someday.... Anywho.... thats all my news for now... oh yeah, on the lighter side of things, I was finally able to sell my car in the midst of the horrible week, and for only a little less than I paid for it a year ago, so now I've got enough money to buy a more Kalee-friendly car :) hope all is well for you my friends! Thats all folks!

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