Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Current mood: bored


Transcend these bricks

Laid so thick

Can’t see the top

But press on regardless

Climbing hand over hand

To see what may lie beyond

What lies I have kept

What deceptions of myself

What has not yet been unarmed

Or unmasked

Changing my way of thinking

Shifting my perception

Yet again

The never-ending lesson

In who I can be

The only constant I want to count on

Is the push to know my own heart

The drive I’ve carried since

The most distant of memories

Passion inhaled

In the first pure breath

My lungs ever took in

The curiosity that’s been beating

Within my being

Since the birth of this body

The understanding of something

So far beyond

This realm of human ways

I was placed in

Pieces of puzzling thoughts

Ever nearing completion

Growing and blooming

Even as this form

This vessel withers

And deteriorates with age

The final place is always the same

No matter holy or un

King, priest, alcoholic

Or seeker of the truth…

The difference only in

The final complexity

Of the picture of a soul…

Walls are meant for doorways

When none is a deterrence to my will

I go around…

If all ways lead back

I shall climb

If I slide back down again

I shall find myself

A sledgehammer

And make my own passage

My own way…

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